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Wuhan Port Group CO.,Ltd

Enterprise Introduction

Wuhan Port Transportation Head Corporation was established in August 1950. It is subordinated to Wuhan Communications National Holding Group Co., Ltd and a multi-aspect, multifunctional and triphibious port-transportation enterprise with port transportation, industry, trade, real estate and double 2-grade business qualifications for passenger transportation and cargo transportation on national highways.

The head company has two hundred and three million yuan for total assets, among which the net value for goods transportation occupies 64,540,000.00 yuan, and the current working staff 4013, professional technical personnel 218 and 89 persons with senior or middle qualification. In addition the head corporation possesses 25 production lines at port area, which equipped with the advanced high- tower crane volume 40 tons and various professional port charging vehicles amount 1015, 331 sets of machinery equipment, 2 2-grade goods-transportation fields and a automobile repair factory; besides the above, it can finish 4,089,000 tons of goods-transportation volume and 89,399,000 tons km of turnover volume for goods-transportation annually, its annual business income for goods-transportation reaches 67,050,000 yuan, and the head corporation owns 200,000m2 housing area by itself and 100,000m2 has been developed.

The head corporation has the following branches:

Hanjiang Branch
Dajiang Real Estate Development Company,
Linjiang Fruit Company,
Inland Port Machinery Co., Ltd
Wuhan Yangluo New Port Transportation Co., Ltd
Labour Service Company
Wuhan Port Technology School

The head corporation has made great dedications to the urban construction and highway transportation of Wuhan within so many years. With the leading of our general manager Mr. Yan Guoqing and guided by “ three representatives” of comrade Jiang Zeming and market economy, we have given full play to the spirit of “rely on the staff, bear heavy burden to forge ahead, dare to be the first, open continuously”. GGQ40/25 high-tower track crane developed by the head corporation has been awarded the 2nd prize for tackling key technological achievements by the Ministry of Communications in “the seventh 5-year plan”, “port forward charging equipment with multi-functions” has been awarded the 3rd prize by the Ministry of Communications, additionally the head corporation was given “ the 30 strong enterprises for communications” by Wuhan and “AA” creditable enterprise, etc. Looking forward to the future, we shoulder heavy esponsibilities and decide to develop multi-aspect fields, set up multifunctional, widen the investment for Yangluo new port, speed the development of the 2nd office building and commercial housing of “ Xianghe Apartment”, and strive to grow with each passing day and open great port prospects continuously in the new century.

Contact Us

Add: Hankou Yanjiang Road 91#, Wuhan, Hubei, China
Post Code: 430014
Tel: 86-27-82824776



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